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There is a regulated collection procedure for every type of group collecting. These procedures are instructed by the laboratory and the Drug and Alcohol testing Industry Association. All of the collectors for OSTS are Certified Collectors.

URINE DRUG TESTING - This means of testing tells what is in the donor's system in the immediate time frame. Urine drug testing - this is conducted by a collector coming on site to your facility and the employer presenting the donor for collection. Proper chain of custody forms are completed and temperature strip cups from the laboratory are used. This gauges the temperature of the urine when presented back to the collector. The urine has to register a certain temperature. Everything is sealed in the presence of the donor, the donor signs off on all paperwork and bottle seals as well as the packing bag going to laboratory. This process normally is completed within 10 minutes unless the donor cannot provide a specimen. Then other procedures are followed allowing the donor to drink some water, etc. Very detailed instruction can be further gained by calling our office.

HAIR DRUG TESTING - This procedure of drug testing can result in a history of drug use if required. The procedure is very simple. The collector and donor fill out the proper chain of custody forms, the envelope in which the hair sample is entered. The collector takes form the crown head 120 hair samples. This really is only the width of a pencil eraser and is taken from various places over the crown of the head in order not to create a bald spot for the donor. Everything is then sealed and signed off by the collector and donor.

QUICK TEST OR KNOW BEFORE YOU GO - This procedure is used for instant knowledge if a person is using drugs. A chain of custody form is used and a temperature strip cup. The strip for drug testing is inserted into the urine specimen and a 3-5 minute wait is required to tell if the strip will turn a color indicating the use of a drug. Should the test strip remain white - all is well. If the strip turns a color then there is a use of a substance.

HOWEVER - If all drug testing if a positive is noted the lab will run a quantitative level to tell what the drug is and how much is in that donor's system. Sometimes the combination of medicines will post a positive and therefore it is very important that the Medical Review Officer review this test result and make the proper decision if this is a positive or a negative due to medical reasons.

To see Comparison Chart of Urine, Saliva, Aerosol, and Hair Drug Testing Methods, CLICK HERE